Mindfulness Meditation
July 11 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm

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Stephen Mosblech
Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
Hana Holistic Medical Center

During these guided meditation sessions, we will orient towards gentleness and spaciousness. As the mind and body relax, as patterns of constriction, stress and limitation spontaneously dissolve, glimpses of clarity can begin to emerge. We will move towards intimacy with all dimensions of the breath, body, heart, mind. This is the basis of mindfulness.

Throughout the sessions, we will hold space together that invites wonder, delight and oceanic freedom and that does not disavow rawness, grief, confusion or anger.

Stephen Mosbelch is an experienced meditation guide, healer and student of transpersonal psychotherapy. He teaches regularly at Esalen, New Life Thai Foundation, and Deer Park Institute in Northern India. He has trained with masters of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen and mindfulness traditions in Asia and the West.

Beginners are joyfully welcomed; seasoned practitioners are joyfully welcomed.

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